Personalised Phonemic Mug




Personalised Phonemic Mug.

An ideal gift for everyone. No one has an excuse to mispronounce your name any longer. A mug with your name on, using the phonemic chart, just like you see in dictionaries, to help others pronounce your name perfectly.

What is the phonemic chart?

The phonemic chart contains 44 sounds of spoken English. It’s an ideal tool for learning about pronunciation.

When ordering, please make sure you are very clear about the name pronunciation, especially if the word is uncommon as errors in phonemes cannot be rectified after printing.

*please note that British vowel sounds are used in phonemes on our mugs. As vowel sounds differ between English and American English and Australian vowel sounds are most like British, these are used. An example of this is the word sheep. We would write it as ʃiːp where American phonemes would be ʃip showing they different sound made in the word.

Mug colours can be white or black. Black mug has gold design. White mug has black design.

Additional information

Mug Colour

Black, White